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Yes! Get Paid to Shop and Eat!

Yes! Get Paid to Shop and Eat!
$10 to $50 Per Hour! Start Today!

Shopping Jobs Here delivers real jobs that pay you to go shopping for cloths.. eat out at restaurants... go on a luxury cruises ... get a spa massage... go bowling... rent movies ...and so much more .... 

Get Paid To Go Shopping And Keep Everything For FREE!
Get Paid To Eat At Restaurants!
Get Paid To Travel Worldwide or Go On A Caribbean Cruise!
Get Paid To Golf At Your Favorite Golf Course!
Get Paid To Go To Amusement Parks!
Get Paid To Go To Luxury Spas!

What if I told you it was possible to get paid $10 to $50 an HOUR just to go to your shopping at your favorite mall ... eat at your favorite restaurants... golf at your favorite golf courses... or enjoy a movie at your local theater … AND get it all for FREE!! PLUS, not only do you get everything for FREE and recieve a great paycheck for your time, but someone pays for the gas to drive your car!
But not just for women, men can be shoppers too!
Sound too good to be true ?

I 100% guarantee it’s not !!!

How do I know ? 

I do it all the time !!

Why is the easiest and most reliable mystery shopping directory on the internet today? First a little history ....

My name is Carolyn McCarthy and I started as a mystery shopper over 15 years ago .. way before computers made finding jobs so easy. I have worked for almost every mystery shopping company in business today. Unfortunately finding jobs was not always easy, and most of the time very frustrating and time consuming. I knew there had to be a way to make finding, completing, and getting paid for jobs fast and easy. And most importantly, available to anyone, anywhere, no matter where they lived. That is why I created and began the most comprehensive, easy to use mystery shopping job guide online today. We are the experts in mystery shopping, and make it easy for you to get a great paycheck just for giving your opinion!

We have over 300 companies that will pay you to: 
Go to the movies and give your opinion of the trailers and movie  
Rent movies and give your opinion of the rental service  
Go to your favorite golf course - golf for free and give your opinion  
Go to apartment buildings and give your opinion of the cleanliness 
Go to the bank and give your opinion of the customer service and the list goes on and on......

As you can see almost everything you do on a daily basis is something you can get a paycheck for! The average hourly pay for mystery shopping is $10 to $50 per hour, although many times it is higher. There are jobs that pay $200+ per assignment. Even after all these years I still love to mystery shop. I love getting FREE STUFF! Why pay when you get it free?

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